Cultural Vibes in Kaunas (Top Events in November)

International centre events 2022. Pasirinkite norimą kalbą

The event will be held virtually with part of participants from Lithuania gathering at Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy in Kaunas.

Many of the Kaunas cultural calendar entries were inspired by the upcoming title of European Capital of Culture. And, of course, we are thrilled there are so many inspiring opportunities to go out and dive into art this Autumn. In Kaunas, each artist will reflect on topics such as marginalization, crossing borders, nationalism, and migration.

uždara prekybos sistema birkbeko londono universiteto strategija

The blend of technology, artistic imagination, storytelling and the surrounding space will lead spectators to a new perception of reality. It will also present workshops, discussions, exhibitions, readings and guided tours.

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This is a great chance to discover the small yet inspiring local art publishing industry. Together with the dancers of AURA, the piece will be reworked and newly created into a grand version for ten performers.

Ben J. The version will include live music and dense atmospheres of light, sound, and performance, allowing for a sensual audience experience.

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Every November, the team introduces a selection of highly regarded European films and best-pics from other continents. The focus of the selection is contemporary European filmmaking and its trends, each represented in one of the carefully curated sections.

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Curated by Josée Drouin-Brisebois, the biennial investigates different forms of storytelling and narrative in contemporary international centre events 2022. Petrit Halilaj will present his work in Kaunas.

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Photo by Renato Ghiazza. Saturday, 11 20, 6 pm Live music Ąąąąąąžuolissimo!

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Sapiegos g. Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius.

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