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Versti aprašą atgal į anglų Jungtinės Valstijos. Coin Club is the pivot of crypto universe.

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Coin Club is an open community for global cryptocurrency investors bitcoin appwhere you can explore freshest selected blockchain hot spots and hottest news from top news websites most ecological cryptocurrency read full articles within the app. We aim to help investors communicate and collaborate more efficiently with others and with startups in blockchain industry, attracting more ecological construction partners and projects, and jointly creating a new ecology that endows the industry with the value of tokens.

April Ačiū Viktorijai Damerell už šį vertimą. Šio teksto versija anglų kalba yra čia. Metų metus tai, kas vadinama normalumu, buvo ištempta iki plyšimo ribos, tarsi vis stipriau traukiama virvė, laukianti juodosios gulbės grybšnio snapu, perkirsiančio ją pusiau. Dabar, kai virvė jau pertrūkusi, ar mes vėl surišime jos galus, ar leisime jiems irti toliau, kad pamatytume, ką dar galbūt galime iš jų nuausti?

That means the users playing in the Coin Club legally will receive tokens as bonus. Information Sharing Provide latest and hottest blockchain news and the most comprehensive projects with real-time dynamics, so that investors can quickly capture the recent awareness of blockchain.

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Community Gather the biggest crypto investment groups, everyone can discover the groups they are interested in and release information freely, which can cut down the difficulties of obtaining quality projects in the market and information asymmetry and opacity. The community members can improve their awareness of the blockchain, collaborate within the community, and ultimately guide their investment.

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Decentralized Communication Most ecological cryptocurrency together with community members to initiate full discussions on blockchain events, and provide a set of irreversible and permanent data storage mechanisms that makes capital shufflers nowhere to hide.

Token Bonus Provide token bonus for all members who produce valuable content! We will give you corresponding CCU bounties bonus if you complete some easy tasks, besides, we will also release some information about airdrop projects to help investors get more benefits.

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